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15 Secrets Every Dairy Queen Fan Should Know

Drive down any highway in the country, and you're bound to come across an exit for a Dairy Queen. The popular fast-food chain , which serves frozen treats along with hot staples like chicken fingers and burgers, has been a major player in the restaurant game since the 1950s. But there's more to DQ than its beloved Blizzards and signature soft-serve ice cream . Did you know a Dairy Queen that also served hot food used to be called a "Brazier?" Or that Dennis the Menace was the cartoon spokesman until 2001? Here are some more fun secrets you may not know about Dairy Queen. And if you have a craving for a Blizzard, check out our list of Every Dairy Queen Blizzard on the Menu—Ranked By Nutrition! 1 Dairy Queen was a soft-serve pioneer Soft serve is available at most restaurants these days, especially fast-food establishments. But Dairy Queen was the pioneer of the ice cream trend. One of DQ's founders, John Fremont McCullough, and his son, Bradley, experiment