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17 Discontinued Chip Flavors We Want Back

BBQ. Salt and vinegar. Sour cream and onion. You know all of the classic potato chip flavors along with iconic chip brands like Doritos, Lay's, and Tostitos. But what about some of the underrated chip flavors and brands that didn't make the cut over the years? To reminisce about those truly wild snacks , we decided to round up some of the best discontinued chips that used to live on store shelves once upon a time. Get ready for some serious nostalgia ! Hey you never know—they could make their way back. Just look at 3D Doritos —20 years later, they're no longer just a distant memory You love to see them reclaim their spot as an irresistible snack option, you really do. Check out which other chips deserve to make a comeback. And be sure to check out The Best & Worst Chips in 2021—Ranked! . 1 Pringles Cinnamon & Sugar Potato Crisps If you've ever dreamed of a churro-chip hybrid, Pringles had them in 2014. Something about that salty-sweet combination jus