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19 High Protein Breakfasts That Keep You Full

Are you working towards a weight loss goal and seeing no results? What about starting an exercise routine and seeing no gains? Well, you'll probably see the most success by starting off your day with a high-protein breakfast. "Most folks get in their protein during lunch and dinner and forget about breakfast," says leading dietitian Toby Amidor . "This means you're cutting out an important food group that not only provides the macronutrient protein, but also many nutrients that often come with it." Considering Americans at all phases of life are under-consuming iron as well as fiber , the benefits of starting your day off with protein go beyond protein itself, says Amidor. She also points out that protein takes longer to digest and therefore makes you feel more satiated. "Adding protein to your breakfast can help get you through that mid-morning hunger since it can help keep you feeling fuller for longer," Amidor notes. And research supports