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4 Best New Fall Items You'll See at Trader Joe's

Even though summer isn't officially over, beloved grocery stores are already stocking their shelves with autumn essentials. At Trader Joe's , fans have already spotted a variety of apple and pumpkin products inside their neighborhood stores. (For the record, "Pumpkin Palooza" isn't until Sept. 7.) Here are the fall foods and beverages that TJ's shoppers can get their hands on right now. And for more information about what's in stock at this popular supermarket, check out our list of 6 items that Trader Joe's is discontinuing . 1 Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bites Oatmeal is super popular these days—and for good reason! It's an option that's healthy, filling, and completely customizable. One of TJ's newest items reimagines this beloved breakfast food as a bite-sized frozen dessert. Like Instagram user @traderjoeslist , the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bites also remind us of donut holes. One package of treats only costs $3.99, and you can coo