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5 Popular Exercise Habits You Should Skip After 60, Say Experts

If you're over 60 and exercise regularly , you're making the right choice! There's no shortage of benefits associated with consistent physical activity in old age: Stronger bones, less chronic pain, and a lower risk of chronic disease are just a few. Even if you're already in great shape physically for your age, sticking with an exercise routine that works for you offers a world of mental benefits as well. One study published in the American Journal of Physiology tracked a group of men aged 65 and older during a 12-week exercise program and found that working out activated muscle-generated "mood-boosters" capable of fighting off depressive thoughts and promoting a positive attitude. "Even individuals who are already metabolically healthy—with good weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels—need to prioritize regular physical activity to maintain or improve upon their mental health," says lead study author David Allison, Ph.D . "We have