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50 Ways You're Ruining Breakfast & Don't Know It

Not all cliches are true, but " breakfast is the most important meal of the day" sure is! Starting the day with a healthy meal gets your metabolism going and puts you on track to continue a healthy eating pattern throughout the day. (How many of us have skipped breakfast only to arrive at work starving and reach for a sweet treat like a donut?) Of course, as with anything else in the kitchen, plenty of things can go awry when you're making breakfast—and no one wants to start off the day on the wrong foot by having your omelet stick to the pan or by overcooking your eggs . Ahead are 50 common breakfast mistakes and how to fix each of them. And whatever you do, be sure to avoid these 45 Breakfast Habits Making You Gain Weight . 1 Mistake: Overcooking your eggs Max Hardy , chef and owner of Coop Detroit , says that one of the most common ways people can ruin breakfast is by overcooking their eggs, especially scrambled eggs . "People think scrambling eggs is