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6 Best Ways to Make Bacon—Using Only Plants

"But what about bacon?!?!?" This is a very common question and concern from people considering reducing or eliminating meat from their diet. But rest assured, you can still enjoy your favorite foods and flavors, made plant-based. Plant-based bacon will not exactly replace the meaty, fatty, porky flavor of bacon—but it doesn't have to. Using eggplant, mushrooms, rice paper, and soy products will allow you to recreate and enjoy the essence and texture of bacon without the unhealthy baggage associated with pork bacon . This Monday, we challenge you to experiment with all the wonderful plant-based adaptions of bacon that our friends at Meatless Monday compiled from expert health food bloggers. 1 Coconut bacon The inherent fattiness of coconut makes it an obvious non-meat substitute for bacon. Making vegan coconut bacon is as easy as tossing the unsweetened flakes in a mixture of liquid smoke, soy, and paprika, and baking in a hot oven until it dehydrates and get