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6 Major Red Flags You Need a New Exercise Routine, Trainers Say

If you regularly work out , go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. It's not always easy to make the time, especially when life gets busy. But here's the thing: Just 'cause you're fitting it in exercise doesn't necessarily mean you're getting all you can out of your workouts. There's also a chance your routine is leaving you susceptible to injury or putting your health at risk in other ways. Not sure if your workouts are leading you down the right path? We linked up with three top-notch personal trainers to help you make a judgment call. While there are definitely countless signs you may benefit from changing up your exercise routine, these six are the big red flags it's time to try something new. If any of these warning signs that you need a new workout routine feel familiar to you, consider checking in with a trainer or your doctor for tips on how you can adjust your workouts to get more out of every rep, stride, and stretch. And for more, ch