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6 Ways to Make Healthy 'Beef' Jerky

People have relied on jerky for centuries as a way to preserve meat from spoiling. There are two main components necessary for making jerky : salt and heat. The salt draws out water , reducing the occurrence of bacterial growth, while the heat evaporates the water. The result is a portable, high-protein snack that's convenient to take while on the go. But the process of making jerky can also be used to enhance the flavor, texture, portability, and shelf life of non-meat ingredients, like fruits, vegetables, and soy-based proteins. RELATED:  Restaurants Are Being Told To Majorly Reduce How Much Salt They're Using By using ingredients like maple syrup, soy sauce, liquid smoke, and other spices, any home cook can recreate the essence of jerky without any meat. Plant-based jerky is perfect for lunch boxes, camping trips, picnics, or as a snack to slip into your bag. Another bonus is that plant-based jerky is pretty simple to prepare and totally customizable based on your own tas