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7 Secrets Doctors Don't Want You To Know

With health scares in the headlines daily, there's a good chance you've needed to see your doctor this past year. And chances are, they've been honest with you about your health, and the COVID-19 vaccine (ask them about it if you're still unvaccinated!). But what aren't they telling you? We asked some top doctors about what they're keeping from you. Read on for the answers—and speaking of being kept in the dark, don't miss these Sure Signs You Have "Long" COVID and May Not Even Know It . 1 They Can Tell When You're Lying "You'd be surprised at how frequently patients come to the ER and decide not to tell us important details pertaining to their case," says Dr. Rachel Shively, MD, an Emergency Medicine physician and Toxicologist practicing in New York. "Plus we can tell when you're lying. With lying, it is usually because they are embarrassed or nervous that we won't give them the same care if they are upfro