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9 Worst Fast-Food Drinks You Should Never Order

Fast food has always had a pretty bad reputation health-wise, and while we hear a lot about which burgers and breakfast items to avoid, we don't often hear as much about drinks, which can be hidden calorie bombs. Generally, beverages always seem to get lost in the nutritional calculations we do when thinking about what we should and shouldn't be eating, and it's especially so at fast-food chains, where no order is complete without a soda or an indulgent slushie or milkshake. So we decided to highlight the worst beverages offered at nine popular fast-food chains, so you can be mindful about what you're consuming in that combo order. We took calories, sugar, and saturated fats into consideration for this ranking, in order to find out which drinks are truly not worth the indulgence. These are the worst fast-food drinks you should never order, ranked from bad to absolute worst. And don't miss Popular Fast-Food Items to Never Order, According to Dietitians ! 9