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Best Supplements to Take Every Day, According a Dietitian

Knowing which supplements to take every day is no easy feat. From amazing claims on labels implying that what is found in the bottle is essential for every ailment under the sun to Instagram influencers pushing their must-have concoction, knowing which pills are worth taking can be easier said than done. As a registered dietitian, I look to supplements as a way to fill in nutritional gaps that may happen because of an imbalanced diet. While I don't generally recommend a multivitamin for every person, I do suggest supplementing with certain nutrients in a targeted way, especially if a person is limiting or avoiding certain food groups. (Related: Dangerous Side Effects of Giving Up Carbs, According to Science .) Taking certain supplements doesn't come risk-free. And seemingly harmless common supplements can come with risk in certain cases. For example, one recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that, after evaluating almost 200 ra