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One Surprising Effect Coffee Has on Your Hair, According to a Dermatologist

We probably don't have to list one more reason for you to love coffee —but, like your brew, this one is strong. A board-certified dermatologist has shared a huge beauty perk that comes with a good cup of coffee, and this one goes for guys, too. We've got the trick for trying it. As coffee is the most-consumed beverage in the world next to water, recent studies have found plenty of reasons to hold your morning cup a little closer: Coffee can beneficial to your liver , your longevity , even your plants . And, since so much of having healthy skin and hair comes from getting the nutrients we need, Pinkvilla recently touted a benefit that coffee can have on hair… especially when it's used a certain way. We took that claim to board-certified dermatologist, Lisa Pfingstler, M.D. for verification that coffee can be beneficial to hair. Read on to learn why she says coffee may be even better than we thought when it comes to making hair healthy and beautiful. Also don't miss