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Despite Recent Turmoil, America's Largest Sandwich Chain Is Seeing Record Sales

Subway seems to be clawing its way back to the top. While in recent months many fast-food brands reported booming sales at drive-thrus and via delivery apps, Subway's latest sales figures show the company has had one of its best months in recent history. The success comes in the face of some major PR adversity the company has been facing this year. Subway has been making headlines with inner company turmoil , questionable tuna quality , and a sandwich giveaway that insiders say was less than successful . Still, the chain was able to pull off a major win, according to its most recent earnings report: their August sales have been the highest the company has seen since 2013 . RELATED: The World's Biggest Sandwich Chain Is Discontinuing Popular Sauces and Dressings, Say Employees Subway says that its huge menu refresh , the most extensive one in brand history, which rolled out mid-July, increased August sales by more than 4%, compared to the same period in 2019. Its 5,000 top-p