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Best Supplements to Buy at Walmart, Say Experts

With more than 1,000 different options on the shelves, Walmart boasts one of the largest selections of supplements you can find. But while perusing the wide range of protein powders, multi-vitamins, probiotics, and more, you may face some pretty tough shopping decisions. Fortunately, we spoke with a handful of registered dietitians to get their Walmart supplement must-haves. Whether your goal is to grow healthier hair, balance your microbiome, or fill some nutritional gaps in your daily diet, here are some products to add to your cart pronto. (And while you're on that shopping spree, be sure to scope out The Best Supplements To Buy at Costco .) 1 Garden of Life Raw D3 Did you know that about 42% of the American population has a vitamin D deficiency ? While a supplement can be a great way to ensure you're getting enough of this essential vitamin, not all products are created equal. "I recommend 2,000 milligrams in the D3 form because it is more absorbable than