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7 things that can stand in the way of weight loss

Certain habits can hinder your attempts to lose weight - and keep it away.
If you've changed your eating habits to focus on healthier foods and taken your workout seriously, you can expect to lose weight. However, the reality is that despite what you may have believed, weight loss is more complicated than calorie consumption versus calorie consumption. If you are trying to lose weight, check these habits that may interfere with your efforts.
1. You save on protein.
If you normally eat a muffin or avocado toast for breakfast, you may need to increase your protein intake. Research has shown that a high-protein breakfast can help alleviate hunger, so you may be less tempted to have a morning snack.
Protein is also important at lunch and dinner. If you routinely eat salads or sip gazpacho without accompanying protein - such as boiled egg, yogurt, beans, meat, poultry, or fish - over time, this can lead to a decrease in muscle tissue, which means that your metabolism will slow down and mak…

5 Burpee Variations That’ll Finally Stop You Hatin’ On This Powerhouse Move

Get a full-body workout with this one move – the burpee. Here's how you can switch the once-maligned power move up, with these fun burpee variations.

“We love burpees,” said nobody, ever. When did these powerhouse moves become the least favourite child of the exercise pack? Could it stem from that time your gym instructor made you do 15 consecutive burpees? Whatever the reason, it’s time we started falling in love with it again… Introducing five fun burpee variations that’ll help you reignite the flame.

Certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and 2019 Next Fitness Star finalist Xoliswa Nkosi demonstrates the burpee variations that’ll not only add spice to your workouts — they’ll score you a banging body stat. Let’s go!

1/ Normal burpees

Rep sets: 3 x 15

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, weight in your heels, and your arms at your sides. Push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body into a squat.Place your hands on the floor directly in front of y…