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Don't Have Time to Exercise? Try Doing This Instead, Says Research

Despite what you may have seen in some science-fiction films , there's nothing you can possibly do that fully replicates the positive effects of exercising on your body. As we've reported here at ETNT Mind+Body , exercise not only helps you burn calories, build muscle mass, and bolster your heart, but it also leads to a host of other benefits, which include boosting your creativity, reducing your wrinkles, slowing your hair loss , and even becoming a better public speaker. All this to say, once again: Exercise is irreplaceable. However, according to new research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology , there's at least one "passive" activity you can be doing if you don't have time to take your morning run that can indeed replicate at least a few of the benefits of regular exercise. What's more, it's just about the laziest thing you can possibly do . Curious to know more? Read on, and for some great "active" activities to try, don