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Eating Habits Weakening Your Muscles After 50, Say Dietitians

Getting older can be a blessing and a curse. While you may be wiser and more confident, the physical changes that come along with aging can be difficult—and they don't discriminate. For many people over 50, that means not only a host of new aches and pains  but also a more difficult time maintaining the hard-earned progress you've made in the gym. That said, just because you're getting older doesn't have to mean a loss of muscle tone is inevitable. Read on to discover which eating habits could be weakening your muscles, according to experts. And for some other eating patterns you'd be wise to follow, check out these Nutrition Tips Everyone Should Follow After 50, Say Dietitians . You don't eat enough protein at breakfast If you want to build—and keep—adequate muscle tone over 50, eating enough protein is crucial. However, experts say that it's not just the type of protein you eat, but when you eat that protein, that you should consider. "We