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Exercises You Should Think Twice About Doing After 60, Trainer Says

Once you reach your 60s and beyond, maintaining joint health and mobility is key. Keeping up with daily exercise and healthy eating will help, but It's likely that, at this point in life, you've put your body through a lot. Meaning: There may be some wear and tear, and you'll have to be more intentional with your exercise selection. That's why it's so important to modify your workout routine a bit in order to ensure you can continue staying active while remaining pain- and injury-free. Also, due to the average American's sedentary lifestyle of sitting and staring at screens all day , many of us have horrible posture and strength imbalances. A lot of people walk around slouched, with their necks forward and shoulders slumped. Poor posture leads to tightness in your hip flexors, hamstrings, and lower back, as well as weakness in your core. Unfortunately, many common training programs tend to have exercises that only exacerbate these issues. If you're 60 or