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For the First Time Ever, This Major Pizza Chain Reveals Its Secret Menu Items

Some secrets are made to be told—and that is especially true when it comes to fast food. Fast-food chains have long benefitted from the rumor mill surrounding their respective "secret menus." Off-menu items that only insiders would know about are a sure sign of an enthusiastic fanbase, and everyone from In-N-Out to Popeyes  dabbles in the phenomenon. Rarely, though, does a brand publicly acknowledge their secret menu. But the cat's out of the bag with Pizza Hut—the chain has actually proudly announced its first-ever official secret menu, one its fans have been DIYing for years. After an impressive year of serving up new and old fan-favorites like the Edge and the Detroit-style pie , The Hut is getting sacrilegious in the best way possible: openly encouraging secret-menu ordering. Turns out, even a pizza chain's menu can be highly customizable, although the items do require a bit of at-home finessing. Read on to uncover the no-longer-secret concoctions you can get