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I'm a Nutritionist, and This Is the Healthiest Way to Cook Oatmeal

There's no such thing as a perfect breakfast, but if you ask me—as a nutritionist and a food lover—a great bowl of oatmeal comes pretty close. Not only does oatmeal serve as a blank canvas to create your very own morning masterpiece, but it's also got plenty of fiber (and even a little protein) to fill you up until lunch. Its hearty texture and wholesome warmth are pure comfort, especially on chilly mornings. Meanwhile, its whole grain status offers health benefits galore. Research shows that g etting more whole grains in your diet can reduce the risk of heart disease , cancer, and death from any health-related cause. For me, that's reason enough to grab a bowl and get my oats on. RELATED: Get even more healthy eating tips straight to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter! Of course, you can prepare oats any number of ways—from baking them to soaking them overnight to letting them simmer in the slow-cooker—and each of these has its advantages. But my persona