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Jessie J Reveals Her Exact Butt and Abs Workout

Jessie J isn't letting the pandemic stand between her and her fitness goals . The "I Want Love" singer is sharing her grueling workouts with the world on Instagram, revealing the dedication it takes in the gym to achieve her fit figure . On  Aug. 4, the star posted an intimate look at her exact butt and ab workout routine to her Instagram Stories. To kick off her workout, Jessie J can be seen walking briskly on a treadmill, after which she performs a few overhead stretches using a resistance band.  She then follows this up with a set of squats , a series of lateral squats while wearing a resistance band around her thighs, a set of side leg lifts, and single-leg dumbbell lifts.  RELATED: Kate Beckinsale Just Shared Her Abs and Butt Workout in New Video In a subsequent clip, Jessie J completes a series of bridge crunches in which she props her back up on a weight bench and keeps her feet flat on the floor, does a set of kettlebell swings, tones her shoulders with