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America's Biggest Sandwich Chain Serves Fake Tuna, Lab Confirms

There's been an interesting, ongoing discussion about the authenticity of Subway's tuna since two Subway customers filed a lawsuit against America's biggest fast-food chain last January. They argued that Subway "falsely advertised" its tuna as real tuna, while alleging that the ingredient Subway serves is "anything but tuna." Now, the New York Times has completed an investigation of multiple samples of Subway's tuna. The verdict? A fish-testing lab says it's hard to say. Read on to find the new discoveries of the Subway tuna test, and sign up for our newsletter for news on the spots you frequent. Also check out This Behind-the-Scenes Secret at Chick-fil-A Is Stunning Customers . The Subway tuna test started as a curiosity. In January, @Choire thought it would be funny to test a Subway tuna sandwich. Nearly 6 months later, I can finally show the world this 2,500-word deep dive into the world of Big Tuna: — jul