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Major Effects Drinking Wine Has on Your Health, Says Science

Whether you love drinking a glass of chardonnay with your midday meal or can't make your famous pasta sauce without adding a pour of pinot, countless people consider wine an essential component of many a meal. However, while you may imagine you're sipping your way to better health with every glass, the benefits you reap from your wine intake have a lot to do with how much you consume, your biology, and other possible risk factors you may not even realize. Before you pour another glass, read on to discover the major effects drinking wine has on your health, according to science. And for some dietary additions virtually everyone could benefit from, check out The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now . 1 Wine may increase your risk of oral cancer. While many people know that alcoholic beverages like wine can have an effect on their liver health, it's not as commonly known that those drinks can have a profound effect on a person's risk of cancer north of the ne