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McDonald's Soft Serve Legal Drama Is Getting Heated

What's worse than getting stuck in a soft-serve line? How about getting caught in a soft-serve lie . Recently discovered evidence in the McDonald's ice cream machine lawsuit suggests that Taylor, the creator of the McFlurry machine, tried to copy the technology of a competitor company. What's more, the evidence appears to implicate McDonald's itself in the attempted theft . The lawsuit against Taylor was filed by Kytch , a California-based tech startup. Kytch is best known for its previous working relationships with McDonald's and Taylor. In 2019, the company developed a digital tool to help McDonald's franchisees improve the performance of their notoriously finicky, Taylor soft-serve machines . RELATED: The McDonald's Soft Serve Machine War Now Involves a Restraining Order Kytch was just starting to take off when, in October 2020, McDonald's issued a memo to its franchisees, advising them against the use of Kytch's device . It also announced th