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This Vitamin Reduces Inflammation, New Research Suggests

If you've been following nutrition news for a while, you probably know that while inflammation is a natural, helpful process, chronic inflammation could prompt a host of nasty health consequences . Of course, there are habits you can implement to help keep your inflammation in check , such as adding certain herbs to your diet, cutting back on processed foods, and enjoying regular physical activity. Now, a new study on the cells of COVID-19 patients suggests that vitamin D may play a key role in fighting the dangerous inflammation associated with the disease . The study, which was published in the journal Nature Immunology by researchers from Purdue University and the National Institutes of Health, looked at cells from the lungs of eight people with the disease, analyzing how the body's immune response was inflaming the cells, as well as how adding vitamin D could affect the process. RELATED: The 100 Unhealthiest Foods On the Planet "In broad terms, we found that vit