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4 Lessons a Lifelong Dieter Learned After Trying Keto

My first foray into the dieting world started in middle school when my parents and I enrolled in the Weight Watchers Smart Points program. (Puberty and overeating were making things a bit tough for this pre-teen trying to figure himself out.)

Back then, my eating habits and my changing body amounted to me getting breast reduction surgery—a clear indication that I needed to change my relationship with food.

The WW program worked well for me, until it didn’t. As soon as my weight loss plateaued, so did my motivation. I went back to care-free eating until my junior year of high school, when a friend suggested I try the Atkins Diet. I wanted to lose weight more rapidly than I had on Weight Watchers years earlier. Atkins kicked off off my 20-plus-years, on-and-off relationship with low-carb.

Doing Atkins in high school was surprisingly easy. A typical day included plates of bacon at breakfast, deli meat straight from the package for lunch, and fast food burgers without the bun (…

Jenna Jameson Gives ‘Long Awaited’ Update on Her Keto Diet Journey

One step at a time! Jenna Jameson just gave fans a “long awaited” update on how her keto diet journey has progressed.

“I am losing slowly, slowly. I’m now 14 lbs down but I’ve been fluctuating,” the former adult film actress, 45, admitted via Instagram on Monday, February 24, while showing off her figure in a new pic. “I think hormones are playing a huge part. I’m still breastfeeding and recently got my period back after 3 years 🤪.”

Jenna Jameson. Courtesy Jenna Jameson/Instagram
Jenna Jameson. James Shaw/Shutterstock
She continued, “So I feel up and down, hot flashes galore and in need of all things salty. Moral of the story, give yourself grace, it’s a marathon not a sprint! Love you guys 👍🏻#ketoweightloss.”

Jameson revealed in December 2019 that she had gained 20 pounds during her hiatus from keto.

“I decided to take a break from #keto and live my best carby life. The weight came back fast and furious,” she admitted on December 6. “I know a lot of people are quitting keto bec…

Should You Eat Avocados - Or Are They Too High In Fat?

Where did the concept enter the nutrition field that avocados might not be healthy?
A scenario like this happens several times a week in my preventive cardiology clinic: A 43-year old man has his second heart event and adopts a whole food, plant-based diet with no added oils.

He thrives on the control it gives him over future cardiac disease. He knows of Drs. Ornish and Esselstyn.

When he sees me in my office, he turns to me and asks: "Doc, I love all of this and am devoted. But, can I have half of an avocado a few times a week because I read it is off my menu?"
Are avocados healthy? Where did the concept enter the nutrition field, or specifically, the heart disease reversal field, that avocados might not be healthy?

Why do the programs that demonstrate the amazing power of plant-based diets to halt and reverse heart disease generally restrict avocados?
Low fat diets In a prior article I wrote about the pioneers of plant-based cardiac nutrition and highlighted Lest…

Anti-Inflammatory Diet: What Are The Health Benefits?

Inflammation has been linked with depression, weight gain, skin issues, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Now, a new book declares the anti-inflammatory diet a game changer, promising to overhaul your health and happiness, based on solid science with no downsides.

The woman behind it is Swedish science journalist Maria Borelius, whose book Health Revolution claims that anti-inflammatory eating can deliver on the promise. In it, she says that following an anti-inflammatory diet – albeit by accident – transformed her physical and mental health, changing her body composition, yes, but also banishing her backache and depression. Heard the claims before? Probably. However, while the foods in this diet are anything but revolutionary, what anti-inflammatory eating can actually teach you could be.
What is an inflammatory response? First, a little science. Inflammation is more than something that happens to your toe when you stub it. Normally, it’s a positive thing; the process by wh…

Can't lose weight? The 5 cooking mistakes derailing your diet

DOING all the right things by cooking healthy meals at home – but still can’t shed the pounds no matter how hard you try?

If that applies to you, it could be down to some simple cooking mistakes that are derailing your diet.

There are some common cooking mistakes you could be making that might be derailing your dietTop dietitian Susie Burrell has revealed that there are some common mistakes people make at home that pack in the fat, sugar and calories into your 'healthy' home cooked meals.
The Sydney-based expert says: "While home cooked food is generally more nutritious and lower in calories than take away and restaurant meals, it can also be exceptionally easy to overdo things in the kitchen without even realising it.
"Take oil for example, the amount we regularly see celebrity chefs use on their recipes is often adding more fat to the meal than you need in an entire day."
Here, Susie reveals the most common cooking mistakes people make and how to avoid …

After Years of Obsessively Counting Calories, I Finally Learned to Trust My Body

Warning: some things discussed in this personal essay may be triggering to those with a history of disordered eating. Like many people, I fell prey to diet


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Olive Oil in 'Mediterranean diet,' not so much red wine, linked to longer lifespan in new study

Researchers discover a potential new way in which diet influences aging-related diseases.


Mediterranean Diet Tied to Gut Diversity and Healthier Aging

A new study finds that eating a Mediterranean-style diet alters the gut microbiome and is linked to less frailty and better cognitive function in the elderly.


Scientists Find Mediterranean Diet Ingredient May Extend Your Life

Not only does the Mediterrean Diet comprise plenty of fish and vegetables, but scientists have recently found a crucial ingredient can help you live longer.


Olive Oil In Mediterranean Diet Is Linked To Longer Lifespan: Study

A recent study has found that olive oil in this diet may help in improving lifespan and mitigating aging-related diseases. It suggested that the fat content in the oil activate a certain pathway in cells, which help in improving the same.


Improving your baby’s bone health starts in the womb

As new parents there are a lot of things to learn (and worry) about. A big one is your baby’s bones. The steps you take to ensure your baby gets good nutrition from their time in utero up to their first birthday can have a lasting impact on how they grows. They can even play an important role in preventing future fractures and medical conditions like osteoporosis.


Popchips Himalayan Salt Yes Peas (Pack of 6)

Don’t have time to make your own veggie chips? Snack on some Yes Peas, made from just peas, oil, and sea salt. In a whopping 21 chips (now that is a serving!), you’ll get 6 grams of plant protein, while also satisfying your craving for something crunchy and salty.


The Truth About Doing Yoga for Weight Loss

The practice is great for more than just stress relief.