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One Major Effect Coffee Has on Your Liver, New Study Says

According to the Cleveland Clinic , non-alcoholic fatty liver disease affects one in four Americans—and in a new study, researchers suggest it's the world's most common cause of chronic liver disease. The good news? The same study reveals that one secret to preventing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease may be right inside your coffee cup. Here's yet another reason to praise your beloved beverage. Keep reading to learn why a team of liver experts are suggesting coffee may help prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. For food and wellness news delivered daily, sign up for our newsletter . Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, explained. Put simply, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease develops when excess fat builds up in liver cells because an individual regularly consumes too much fat for the body to metabolize. As the Cleveland Clinic's blog has noted, this disease tends to affect people who are overweight or who have diabetes or high cholesterol . A new stud