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One Major Effect Exercise Has on Your Happiness, New Study Says

Everybody wants to be happy . Of course, depending on who you ask, the word "happiness" can have many different meanings : Some see happiness as a corner office and a high salary, while others focus more on family or creative fulfillment. One common happiness theme, however, is that most of us are constantly kicking it just a bit further down the road. "Once I land my dream job I'll be happy," or "I'll be much happier when we find a bigger apartment." This rarely ever plays out as we imagine. Happiness, like so much else in life, is more about the journey than the destination. So, what's the best way to cultivate more happiness? You've probably heard more times than you can count that exercise can help. The mood-boosting effects of exercise are well-documented , and it's become standard practice for doctors to prescribe more movement to patients who report feeling down or flat-out depressed.  Michael Otto, Ph.D. , a professor of psyc