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One Major Effect of Drinking Milk, New Study Says

Milk is often touted for bone health because of its calcium and vitamin D levels—which both play a role in bone growth—but a new study in the International Journal of Obesity suggests it could also be beneficial for your heart, as well. Researchers assessed genetic biomarkers for just 417,000 people and found that those who consumed milk regularly had a higher amount of body fat compared to non-drinkers, but they also tended to have lower cholesterol and reduced risk of heart disease. The study's lead researcher, Elina Hypponen, Ph.D., of the University of South Australia, says calcium may be the main factor here, similar to its advantages for bones. "Calcium has shown to increase the enzymes that break down fats within the body and thereby lower cholesterol levels," she states. "What this shows is that milk can be part of a healthy balanced diet." The calcium in milk can block the bile acid recycle system in our bodies, says dietitian Aderet Dana Hoch, R