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One Major Effect of Eating McDonald's, Says Dietitian

When you think of fast food , it's unlikely that "healthy" comes to mind. However, one registered dietitian suggests that eating a meal from McDonald's every so often isn't as bad for your health as you may think. In fact, some options at the beloved fast-food chain can offer some good nutrition—especially to those who have limited options. For some people, McDonald's (or a similar establishment), is the closest place to their home where they can go and get a hot meal. In 2009, the USDA estimated that some 23.5 million Americans lived in a food desert , which is described as a low-income area that's more than one mile away from a supermarket or large grocery store. For rural areas, the cutoff is 10 miles. RELATED:  13 Healthiest Fast Food Burgers, Recommended By Nutritionists Not having a vehicle or reliable transportation, in general, can further complicate someone's access to affordable, nutritious foods. Fast food options, in some cases, can of