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One Major Side Effect of Drinking Pickle Juice, Say Experts

There's no plain way to put it: pickle juice is divisive. You either avoid it at all costs or chug it straight from the jar after the final spear is eaten. These days, though, the greenish liquid is more than just a leftover pro or con. No matter how you personally perceive pickle juice, the marketplace is catching on, and slowly but surely, pickle juice-based products are finding their way to shelves. Yes, you can now get wellness shots , sports drinks , and of course, mixers that center around the juice. You might not have even realized you wanted these yet—we certainly didn't—but you can buy them. Amidst all the pickle hullabaloo, we spoke with experts to find out: is drinking pickle juice even good for you in the first place? According to our assembly of nutritionists and dietitians, not really. If you over-indulge in this emerging fad, the number one side effect you'll likely notice is bloating . RELATED: The 100 Unhealthiest Foods on the Planet "Pickle jui