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One Major Side Effect of Eating From a To-Go Container, According to Experts

If you're like millions of people, you've been eating more takeout lately (hey—data suggests some takeout actually increases happiness ), or heading to dine-in restaurants to get out of the house and support the food businesses around you. But, for the eco-conscious among us, there's as aspect of restaurant eating that induces an inner cringe: Those containers our food gets packed in? Yeah, they're horrible for the Earth. If that hasn't been enough reason to sway you toward a different approach, a food industry insider is discussing why plastic and styrofoam to-go containers also aren't great for you . On the upside, he offers a game-changing idea for how you can start to carry your meal home. Keep reading to learn one major side effect of eating from a to-go container, and don't miss  The #1 Best Supplement to Reduce Inflammation, Say Dietitians . The CDC advises that you can get sick from leftovers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention