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One Major Side Effect of Eating Pickles, Say Experts

To the uneducated eye, pickles seem like a healthy food. What could be so detrimental about a cucumber soaked in vinegar, right? While it's true that the sandwich-side staple is not as unhealthy as alternatives—like, say, a handful of potato chips—pickles do pack a slightly concerning punch. The culprit here, ultimately, is the salt content . According to nutritionist Jay Cowin , one pickle contains more than 66% of sodium adults are recommended to have each day. As anyone who's cracked open a pickle jar recently knows, it is almost impossible to eat just one—meaning that when it comes to munching on Dill spears, you're almost definitely overdoing your salt intake. The one major side effect you might notice after eating the highly salty snack is bloating. "Excessive use of salt in pickles increases the sodium content in our diet, which leads to ill health effects like water retention [and] abdominal bloating," says Dr. Waqas Ahmad Buttar . Long term, though,