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One Major Side Effect of Eating Radishes, Says Science

Radishes are strange little root vegetables that lend a nice bite to salads or a crunch to a taco or act as the perfect snack dipped in a bit of salted butter; they also happen to pack a punch of nutrients. Some of the benefits of eating radishes include reduced inflammation and lower cholesterol . One study even showed radish root extract has specific anti-cancer properties. Although these beautifully pink root veggies are nutrient-dense and mostly harmless, they can have potential side effects, especially when they're eaten in their raw form. One major side effect of eating radishes is that when they are consumed raw, they can possibly impact the health of our thyroid . What do radishes have to do with our thyroid? The key connection between radishes and our thyroid health is a natural substance found in radishes called goitrogen. Goitrogens are a group of compounds found in many different types of vegetables and fruits, including broccoli, kale, strawberries, and certain so