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One Secret Side Effect of Walking Faster, Says Science

There are a lot of factors that can play into having a long, healthy life, including genetics, diet, and the social determinants of health such as where you live and your economic stability . But an often-underestimated one is your mobility, aka your body's ability to move freely and without pain. This gets especially important as you get older, since you start to lose muscle and bone mass naturally with age (which affects your ability to move around). Mobility can predict the quality of life in older adults, since limited mobility is associated with poorer physical and mental health outcomes, limited access to health services, and increased risk of falls and other injuries . Luckily, there are things you can do now to support your mobility (and thus, your longevity) in the future. A study from earlier this year, published in the journal Exercises and Sport Sciences Reviews , found that the walking speed of an older, able-bodied adult was a good indicator of their mobility status