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One Simple Mental Health Trick You Should Never Not Do, Say Experts

If you're a practical-minded person who likes to be told clear, concise, and hyper-specific instructions when it comes to self-improvement , you'd be forgiven for finding some of the mental-health advice you encounter online a tad frustrating. "Practice more self-care…" "Try to sleep more…" "Look for the things in your life that have meaning…" Sure, it's all true, but couldn't we all use something a little more actionable that we can add to our to-do list? Well, if you'd like to take one major step towards bolstering your mental health—and you're yearning for something far simpler and concrete to add to your daily to-do list that is entirely backed by scientific research—consider one crucial, simple, and ultimately life-changing tip that anyone can do, assuming they're not 100% confined to a city with no access to any foliage or public parks: Take a 20-30 minute walk in the woods. Seriously. Studies have routinely shown tha