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One Surprising Effect of Eating Yogurt, New Study Suggests

If you're hoping to celebrate your birthday for decades to come, try listening to your gut. According to a research team led by investigators from the Keio University School of Medicine in Tokyo, centenarians—those who reach the age of 100—appear to have a special type of gut bacteria that may contribute to longevity. The study authors analyzed the gut microbiome in 160 adults with an average age of 107. After comparing the gut flora of the members in this group to the gut flora of other participants (112 adults between the ages of 85 to 89, as well as 47 adults ages 21 to 55), the researchers learned those with a three-digit age possessed a distinct set of microbiota that generated unique secondary bile acids that were not present in the younger volunteers. For context, the unique secondary bile acids make up a type of digestive fluid produced by the liver and transported into the intestines, and modified by bacteria enzymes. RELATED:  Best Supplements for Gut Health, According