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One Thing That Raises Your Depression Risk by 300%, Says Study

Everyone's had a job they hated, but if your work environment rises to the level of "toxic"—which, according to the career site The Ladders , is usually characterized as being led by one or more toxic leaders, having poor or non-existent procedures that aren't executed, and having abysmal communication patterns—a new study published in the British Medical Journal has provided at least one reason for you to get a new job, assuming you're not looking for one already. Conducted by researchers at the University of South Australia over the course of an entire year, the study found that full-time workers who work in a toxic work environment—employed by "organizations that fail to prioritize their employees' mental health"—have a "threefold increased risk of being diagnosed with depression." Yes, that's threefold . As in, 300%. "Evidence shows that companies who fail to reward or acknowledge their employees for hard work, impose unrea