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Popular Foods That Are Wrecking Your Mental Health, Say Experts

There is no question that the pandemic has taken a serious toll on so many people's mental health. From feelings of anxiety surrounding getting COVID-19 to dealing with the challenges of social isolation, this past year was extremely tough. It's possible, though, that the foods you're eating could be making your mental health even worse. You read that right—your diet could be directly impacting the way you're feeling, so it's important to understand exactly which foods to eat and which to avoid. We consulted research studies and Sydney Greene, MS, RD, registered dietitian and member of our medical expert board , to determine which popular foods are doing the most damage when it comes to mental health. And to read more about mental health, check out 45 Doctors' Own Mental Health Tips. 1 Caffeine If you're overindulging in caffeine through coffee , chocolate, soda, or any other forms of caffeinated foods and drinks, your mental health could start