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Google is letting you limit ads about pregnancy and weight loss

When you’re fed up or grieving, targeted ads about sensitive topics can be hard to shake Google says it wants to give you more control over the ads you see. Starting today, you can tell the company to stop showing you ads about pregnancy and parenting, dating or weight loss. Google, which makes money in part by showing you ads based on your search history and other online behavior, has come under fire for targeting people with family or body-related ads they’d rather not see. Facebook has settings that filter ads about certain sensitive topics, but until now, Google users had little recourse. In December 2020, Google started letting people in the United States opt out of ads on YouTube that feature alcohol or gambling. Now, people worldwide can opt out of alcohol and gambling ads as well as ads in the newly announced categories across Google’s ad ecosystem. “We conduct user surveys and try to understand

This Female-Founded Company Is Bringing Privacy to Pregnancy Testing

Stix is sending home pregnancy tests straight to your door, cutting the need for uncomfortable, stigma-riddled trips to the drugstore. Bumping into your partner’s mother while you’re out in public can be awkward. As you stand in the middle of the grocery store aisle, you’ll chit chat about the colder-than-normal weather and your weekend brunch plans for a few minutes before you part ways to pay for your dark chocolates and almond milk. But when Cynthia Plotch ran into her boyfriend’s mom at her neighborhood drugstore, she wasn’t picking up cold medicine or skin-care products—she was purchasing a home pregnancy test. After the blush-worthy encounter, she darted out of the store and tearfully called her friend and co-worker Jamie Norwood. They vented about the stigma women face while buying pregnancy tests, and soon enough, the two came to the realization that something was broken with the system, and they were the people who needed to fix it. Their solution: Stix, a direct