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The World's Biggest Sandwich Chain Is Discontinuing Popular Sauces and Dressings, Say Employees

Subway's tuna may have been under fire in recent months, but it seems their condiments are still extremely favored—so much that some Subway customers haven't missed clues that certain sauces and dressings are suddenly disappearing from the sandwich assembly counter at the world's biggest fast-food chain. As customers ask what's up with the recent vanishing of their favorite sandwich toppings, insiders confirm that Subway is starting to put the squeeze on some of its sauces. Keep reading to follow the Subway discontinued condiments conversation, via the Subway subreddit . Also, don't miss  This Major Pizza Chain May Finally Be Done With Mass Store Closures . It started with Caesar. This week, Reddit user u/cthalo asked: "Is Subway discontinuing any of its dressings?" The user continued: "I've recently tried to order my favorite sandwich only to be told the store didn't have Caesar dressing . . . I was worried it might get discont