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One Common Weightlifting Mistake You Need to Stop Making, Says Experts

So you're ready to start lifting weights. Good for you! You're officially on the path to better strength, a leaner body, and a longer life . Now, once you've got your gym membership sorted, you've picked up some new flashy exercise clothes, and you've got your workouts ready to go, you may think you've got all of your bodybuilding bases covered. Well, there's one big detail you're likely missing: Knowing how to breathe. Proper breathing technique as you lift weights is a major aspect of accomplishing both an effective and safe workout. Per LiveStrong , the right breathing technique while pumping iron ensures that your body receives enough oxygen, and that the blood circulating throughout your working muscles is adequately oxygenated and capable of purging any lingering waste. What's more, the wrong breathing pattern during weightlifting can cause a rapid increase in blood pressure, excessive abdominal pressure, hernias, and even loss of consciousnes