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Secret Exercise Tricks for Reshaping Your Body After 40, Trainer Says

As you get older and enter your 40s and beyond, it becomes harder to not only get in shape but stay in shape . This is because your metabolism begins to slow down a bit and you naturally lose muscle mass. Of course, factor in the common sedentary lifestyle that so many of us lead, and what you're left with is a combination of factors that can result in slow and steady weight gain . Thanks to these lifestyle and biological factors, you have to do everything you can to build and maintain as much lean muscle as possible. That's why, no matter who you are and what your fitness goals may be, strength training is non-negotiable. Now, if you're age 40 and older and already exercising regularly, lifting weights, and doing cardio, then you're already well on your way to achieving your goals. But, I have a couple of exercise tricks you can sprinkle into your routine that are effective at getting the body you want. These secret tricks will help increase tension in your exerci