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Secret Side Effects of Eating Cherry Tomatoes, Says Science

Tomatoes are having a moment. A big moment. At their most fresh, the red veggies fill plates from mid-summer through early October. Of course, they can be consumed year-round, but in the last few years, people have been all over their peak season , deeming it "tomato season." The opportunities to hop on this trend and incorporate tomatoes into your diet are almost endless. A fairly mild food, tomato slices can easily slide into any sandwich. To really celebrate the veggie's taste, though, we prefer the pop of flavor provided by the most compact version: the cherry tomato. As avid participants in knowing all the benefits of our favorite healthy foods, we thought it may be useful to consider: Is it possible to have too many? And what happens to your body when eating cherry tomatoes? Read on for the lesser-known side effects of eating cherry tomatoes you may not know. Then, for even more healthy tips, be sure to check out our list of The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right