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Secret Side Effects of Walking Right After a Meal, Says Science

As a kid, you were probably told to wait 30 or 45 minutes after eating before doing any strenuous activity or exercise , such as going swimming . Well, if you've taken this childhood lesson—though some experts would call it a myth —into adulthood, and the first thing you do after eating a big meal is to relax on the couch, we've got some news for you: You should go for a walk . Yes, if you go out and pound the pavement really hard and try to break a big sweat, there's a chance you may experience the resulting discomfort that comes with mixing hardcore exercise and digestion, such as pain, heartburn, and diarrhea . But if you go out for a walk that's at a moderate or light pace, the available science actually says that there are loads of benefits. Read on for some of the effects of (lightly) exercising on two feet after you've had a meal. And if you're someone who loves to walk, make sure you're aware of The Secret Cult Walking Shoe That Walkers Everywhere