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Secret Tricks for Falling Asleep When You Can't Fall Asleep, Say Experts

If you're not afraid of a little doomscrolling , chances are you've seen the news all pandemic long: The era of COVID-19 has decimated America's sleep —and for the last 15 months we've been living in a state of collective "coronasomnia" . While there's certainly no denying that a global viral pandemic has made it harder for countless of us to get meaningful shuteye, the truth is, we've been having sleep problems for quite a while now. In fact, one study published in Sleep Health just a few months before the emergence of COVID-19 found that more and more Americans were struggling to fall and stay asleep, year over year, between 2013 and 2017. Just like breathing or using the bathroom, sleep is a non-negotiable part of life, but unlike other bodily functions, sleep doesn't happen quite as automatically. Even if everyone has their own personal strategies for how to fall asleep during a particularly restless night, all too often they simply fail to