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Secret Tricks for Making Exercise Less Miserable, Say Experts

If you think exercise is a chore, it will be a chore—and we all know what happens when we have chores. Given the opportunity, we'll avoid them. "Most people don't like exercise because they're conditioned to believe it's a 'consequence' or 'punishment' for bad habits," says Jenny Jaucian, PT, a NASM-certified personal trainer, 200-hour Yoga Alliance instructor, a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, and the founder of Jenny J Fitness . "People use exercise as a way to somehow erase all of the weekend binging, late-night eating, and excessive drinking, which creates this negative connotation towards exercise." That's why, she—and other fitness pros we spoke to—say that the single biggest thing you can do to enjoy exercise more is to fundamentally change how you feel about it. "When you create a more positive perspective on exercise, you are more likely to do it because it creates a more satisfying and enjoyable experience,"