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Simple Ways to Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency, Say Experts

When people consider eating healthier, they tend to focus on the bigger macronutrients—protein, carbs, and fats. And yet, those micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are also essential for your body's overall health, especially when it comes to vitamin D. The Cleveland Clinic explains that a   vitamin D deficiency can cause a lot of problems, like mood shifts, bone pain, and overall fatigue. While this can prove problematic in the long run, have no fear—many who feel the effects of the lack of this nutrient can easily reverse their health by making sure to get more of the vitamin in their life. This sounds like it's easier said than done, but with the help of the advice of a handful of dieticians and doctors, we assembled a list of surefire nutrients and lifestyle advice that can make sure you get enough vitamin D in your life. While you definitely want to get the right amount of this vitamin into your lifestyle, make sure to go easy, as you can also consume too much vita