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Subway's Tuna Is Likely an Assembly Line Byproduct, Expert Says

After a damning class action lawsuit and several lab tests, questions about the authenticity of Subway's tuna continue to swirl throughout the media and food industry. Do Subway's tuna sandwiches actually contain tuna? Is Subway potentially deceiving customers by serving them mystery fish instead of the yellowfin and skipjack tuna varieties as described on its website ? A lawsuit filed in January 2021 against the sandwich chain by customers in California alleges deception. In a lab analysis of the chain's tuna commissioned by the plaintiffs, no actual tuna DNA was apparently found. The attorney for the plaintiffs told The Washington Post that "the ingredients were not tuna and not fish," but declined to clarify what ingredients had actually been present in the sandwich chain's serving. RELATED: America's Biggest Sandwich Chain May Be Serving Fake Tuna, According to Lab Analysis In contrast, an earlier lab test commissioned by Inside Edition in Febr